Trendaðir mússikkfangar

Trendaðir mússikkfangar
(also known as Greatest fits 2002)

After being nearly lost for almost 5 years, the master spool for Trendaðir mússikkfangar has more or less been found. This was a medium “white-label” production on my account, (not the most obscure and not the most commercial either), rendered to some 30 copies and distributed during the Christmas vacation. Some copies wound up in stores and the production was remarkably enough reviewed in Iceland´s counterpart magazine to the Republican Economist Newsletter.
This is a rarity if I may say so myself, not only is it long unattainable but also sports a rather unlikely number of guest musicians, from my regular collaborators Þórdís Claessen to Hallvarður Ásgeirsson, and a bevy of crazed poets.

This is gímaldin´s so to say, second solo album.

trendadir front

trendadir back

Trendaðir mússikkfangar
(“Trendaðir mússikkfangar” was originally supposed to be called “Ode to Kukl” – but the idea was aborted for copyright reasons. This title is also the only thing left of the soundtrack music for the short film Bludniy.)


slumber my darling (and my rendition of one of my favorite Stephen Foster songs – here presented as the Testament of a deceasing sleeping rat)


trúvillingar (Silent night with some rather pagan icelandic lyrics)


death machine (a collaboration with renowned guitarist and composer, Varði)


hrafninn endurortur (a rap translation of Poe´s The Raven)


Háværasta röddin (An unused mix from the Spoken word record with Margrét Lóa)



Argentína óspjölluð


Nýr fljóðablús (Brandur came up with the basic chords for this one, I worked out the rest)


krimmi í sveitinni ( is based on a west-African ballad which appeared to me in dream when I was holidaying in the east-fjords of Iceland.)


Önnu Bjarkar blús (Viðar Hákon played some bass for this one and produced the circular space effects)


Djúpið (A reggea with Þórdís Claessen playing the drums on a keyboard)


highly skrítið lag


Hóstinn hennar Þórdísar


diazepam reggea (Another reggea with Þórdís´synth drums)




noch v reykjavike