The Eye

The Eye was basically a representative for 5ta herdeildin in Russia, Germany, Finland and Norway – charged with the task of presenting the group´s third album. The Eye, however, very rarely featured herdeildin-songs in concert, playing old gímaldin songs and songs from an unreleased heavy metal album.

The songs presented here are from a concert in Gez-klub, St. Petersburg, probably in December 2005.



Ég vil vera bleik


Erfiðir dagar live


And a cover from the late great Haukur Morthens



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After a very adventurous performance at the 10th Skif Festival in St. Petersburg (see pictures), The Eye is snaking its way towards becoming an established entity in a nice company of apparitions.  I feel therefore obliged to explain the origins of The Eye.

As some know, my homeland is a miniature island in the farthermost northern part of our world. This place is called Iceland and as its inhabitants are more or less all compulsive liars, it is a place of many legends and folk tales. One of the least known legends is the eastern legend of the Eye, though most folklore specialist would agree on its unprecedented influence on the world literature.

These unprinted legends of the east are very unfitted to written word, as the oral origins of them call for them to be narrated with various accompanying physical gestures (unbecoming of description), and sounds which are hard to put to words.

I have therefore rendered a slightly more literal version of the legend and ask in advance to be forgiven by those who know the story and feel that this version does ill to the original.

Russian Icelandic Remix Company

The story of the eye

In the lands farthest away from the earths middle and closest to the ocean of thousand mermaids there lived a young man who was the handsomest man of all known lands. He was so attractive it made him beset by all living creatures alike, be they man, woman, fish or fowl.
His appearance was such that the skies came down from heaven on days to endulge themselves with his beauty and for his frame the waters came from the seas and stayed on the lands.

He was soon to be of age to take a companion and all creatures of the worlds, male, female, other mammals and centuries old shrapnel of stonified lava, gathered in his valley for to endeavour to become his choice of partner.

The first candidate, a straw of dried hay, tried to sway the young mans choosing, and the straw sang and danced and played the bagpipe more fluently than ever had been heard before. But before the courting was through a wind accidentally slipped from the bagpipe and blew at the straw who missed his step and fell into one of the young mans eyes and got stuck there.
The young man suffered immensely from this and it also caused a recurring blink of his eye, the one where the straw of dried hay lay stuck.

The second candidate, a giant from the minuscule highlands, came and recited a love poem it had composed in order to advance the fair young man. The giant then tenderly mouthed its speech of excruciatingly desperate romance, obliging to render all and any boon the young man could ever ask of it, all laid out in schematic concreteness as vivid as smoke coming from ones own clothes, and with many explicit corporal details. But the young mans eye began to blink and the giant spooked and thought the fine young man was mocking it. The giants rage burst and it beat the lovely young man so that nothing remained of him but a single eye, the eye that blinked and kept on blinking.

The third candidate was a woman as fair as the young man was, when he was still visible, a woman as voluptuous as a field of grass which feeds a stock of thousands strong, with hair so fresh and organic that it bred alike mushrooms and berries, and when one bird left its nest in it a black bear would return thereto to hive. A woman who had toes so light that the crowns of the majestic trees constantly tickled the soles of her feet, and a voice so sweet it produced lemonade for the populace of all known worlds.

And her eyes. Her eyes were so captivatingly deep that gazing into them would in an instant hurl one through all seventy-one dimensions of pleasure, a trip through a cosmos of a deep green glance so speedious it brings tears to the eyes.

And that is what happened, when the young man saw into the rainbow-like abyss of the womans eyes, his eye turned watery and he blinked to clear his pupil. But when he blinked, nothing could be seen of him and the woman lost him and couldnt find him again as he had no voice to call her and no arms to tap on her beautiful shoulder to make it known to her in which direction he was to be found.