The 2000-2005 period

The 2000-2004 period was a time of sharp contrast, the era of music as such was over – the ice-sampled-technicalities of digital audio was a reality and most of us had to adapt to survive. Fortunately; albums like Björk´s Homogenic and Ótta by Unun offered more than a lure to assimiliate, thus the tragic future of Jennifer Lopez R:B and technological metal could be averted for the time being.

x- og y-dísarvísur (originally a troubador song reworked into a techno-rock song in the lost Stúkó-sessjóns, this version was a note by note remake)


ættarmót (The Meeting of the Tribe: This is an actual custom in Iceland. The tribe meets in some desolate forgotten place deep in valleys, someone brings the accordion and many people bring spiked drinks. Then the tribe dances into the night and the next time the tribe meets, it´s usually two times bigger)


with the etwas (sometimes called The Withering Etwas)


af lofthræðslu o annarri fælni (A take on the philosophical trinity, how you rarely meet only one woman at a time – often there is a second one involved – usually frustrating)


dansað við drauga (People used to ask how the “ethnic Icelandic reggea” sounds, and this is the answer.


engla inferno (Where there are Angels, there are usually demons.)


engla samba (On the opposite site of the Angel´s Inferno, there is the other place where the Angels dance the Samba)


4 draugar / original (The original for “Four Ghosts” which would later appear on the third herdeildin album)


froskar og kúlulegur (This was composed after watching Michelle Rodriguez in Girlfight. A great movie)


Geirlaug (I performed this song only once as a troubador, at the Writer´s Congress in late 2000 or early 2001. The writers seemed to like it)


kaffidómurinn (One of gímaldin´s many attempts to create frightening children´s lullabies, this one has both dragons and lions and that´s not even the scary part)


Karen / original (Waylon Jenning´s song reworked with the original orchestration, the herdeildin version would be quite simpler)


krummablús (Paul McCartney would probably have named this song “Blues of the Blackbird)


Major Tekknorwegian (This was to be the ultimate R:B hit song, everything was made textbook by the numbers. It really did not work out that way)


sorg sokkabrúðanna (The title refers to a play on words, the original title was to be “The City of the Stockingsshops” however the lady, whom I fancied and who fancied the stockings, disappeared and the title obviously had to be changed into “The Sorrow of the Sock Puppets)


the hundur (This melody, two of the movements in any case, was reworked from an old troubador song which had so bad lyrics it was unperformable. The original song had something to do with being doggish, hence the title)


allir fossar (All the Waterfalls is some environmental take on the All the President´s Men, with a dose of the absurd)


the vændi

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