Hljómorð/Spoken Word

Hljómorð is being overhauled for a rerelease, stay tuned for more on this

Hljómorð, with Margrét Lóa Jónsdóttir

In 2000 gímaldin was introduced to the Poetess, Margrét Lóa Jónsdóttir, and the idea came up to work together. The next two or so years gímaldin worked on this music, finishing it more or less in 2002. After such a lengthy process there already existed twice as many mixes as were needed and some were therefore cut from the CD which came out in 2004. As the CD is still being sold, it wouldn´t be ethical to offer free downloads of the songs which are actually on it – however, there is nothing to speak against offering the songs that didn´t make it to the disk.

Assælum (This instrumental dates back to the earliest stages off this project, when the idea was to have the CD start with a theme. This idea was dropped)


Guli fuglinn (The Yellow Bird)




Ókomið (This is one of the first mixes ever made for the CD, one of the reasons why it didn´t make it to the CD, was that it was too difficult to mix – and frankly the proper technology to make it possible was only invented early this year. So, shout-out to you, my brother Cameron)


Leyniskjal Alexíu16:30 (Alexia´s secret document, 23:30. This comes from a cycle of poems, and as the CD had already two long Poemas (Vindhviða and Draumey) – it was then decided to feature only one Poema)




Leyniskjal Alexíu 22.30


Vel á minnst


You should find a copy of the CD in Tólf tónar music shop.

With Eiríkur Örn Norðdahl

Á íslensku má alltaf finna Ginsberg

The poet/novelist Eiríkur translated Allen Ginsberg´s monumental poem Howl and asked gímaldin to compose music to it. A cd was released by Nýhil in 2003

Ýlfur nr 1


Ýlfur nr 2


Ýlfur nr 3


Ýlfur nr 4


The hard-cd is supposedly long out of print, although these stores claim to stock it:


With Kristín Ómarsdóttir

Eða öfugt


Ljóð um góðar stelpur