Jóladiskurinn/Christmas CDs

The Three-sided Christmas Cd of 2012


The 2004 Christmas CD

The Christmas CD of 2004 was made, I´d believe, in late winter 2004. gímaldin used to make annual christmas tapes for friends and family members when he was a troubador, and short of a better reason, decided to call the current output “A Christmas CD”, which was also especially appropriate at the time, as it was close to christmas.
2004 was a very political year, as you can gather from the content of the lyrics – or from the songs that do have lyrics, as many of the songs are also instrumental. The instrumental songs are actually also quite political by attribute, as they developed and grew from and around gímaldin´s quest to find a suitable theme song for a Peace Multimedia CD the United Nations were planning to distribute. Most of the instrumental songs though only started out downwards that path, but in the end it were the “Sound of Nations” mixes which were deemed  to go on to the UN. By then, the UN had probably decided that Peace was a lost cause and the CD was never made.

Opnun (Opening title)

Ballaðan um gjöreyðingarvopnin (Ballade of the Weapons of Mass Destruction)

1ta gítarlag (First Guitar Song)

Ballaðan (Based on the Pharaoes´ Islands circular dance)

gíslarapp (A song so highly topical that gímaldin credited it to his earthly host, Gísli, to make it more materially contentious. Published in 2005 on Kistan, a website for literature, philosophy and leisurous endeavors).

ballade de UN

skýin hreyfast hraðar en áður (The Clouds move faster than Before)

Hið mikla óþekkta

skipið siglir (This is the demo of a song of similiar name that went on to the third 5ta herdeildin album, by the same name)

sound of nations mix 2

Þú gleymdir mér

gunga og drusla

sound of nations mix 1