Áróður by Haukur Már Helgason

Exotica, a medley of theme songs written for the short film Áróður (Propaganda) by director Haukur Már Helgason. I recall the film was shown on Reykjavik Short Film Festival in 2004.

Exótíka – úr myndinni Áróður


Velkomin í Beinadal

In 2001 when I made the shortfilm Welcome to Bone Valley, it was an obvious choice to have gímaldin write the soundtrack for it. The film was completed in 2002 and shown at the festival “Bio Reykjavik” and then a couple of screenings on Skjár 1, tv channel. The vhs master tape then got lost in Norway. The music however, remains, and has just been remastered.

Opnunarþema (Opening theme)


Johnny Handsome, slowhand (A duo with Varði)




Fourth Ack


Lag Estridar (Estrid´s Song)


Johnny Handsome (Varði, mostly alone)




Skáldkonan í vitanum (The Poetess in the Lighthouse)


Lokunarþema (Closing theme)