Annað/Other works

With rock-revolutionary poets: Vodka Songs, with Valur Gunnarsson:

Domestic Christmas songs, most likely in 2003

búkolla (A fantasy on the mythical cow, Búkolla, who ate chemically altered plastic bags and turned into a winged superhero, battling trolls and creatures of the dark.)


það er öldungis ófært 2 (This was supposed to be a take on Jesse Fuller´s You´re no good, but due to the holidays, the conclusion ended up quite milder.) You will have to excuse the poor quality, this was made with domestic equipment


Gjammur Gjallandi

A rap song for an unexecuted campaign for mental and economic sobriety, lyrics by Héðinn Unnsteinsson. Gjammur Gjallandi is difficult to translate, but is something akin to Beckoning Barker. Probably from 2001-2002 gjammur gjallandi


gímaldin: Christmas CD 1999

gimaldin des 99

2var (Ann Lee Remix) (This was a mildly popular eurothrash song in 1998-99. gímaldin, however, liked it enough to make an Icelandic version of it)




ann lee 


anreitt (This a midi version of some piano piece which bears some resemblance to it)


Einkavæðsla (An early demo of a song that would later pop up on Herdeildin´s Áður óútgefið efni)


le homme (This was quite a long time in the making. After being just a guitar riff for many years, gímaldin had the idea to put a Steven Seagal monologue from the movie, On Deadly Grounds to the music – but then the monologue needed to be translated into French, for obvious reasons. The multi-lingual Turk who was supposed to furnish the translation thought it was too crazy an idea and never completed the task, or even started for that matter. gímaldin then put Icelandic lyrics to the song many years later, though it kept its french title for obvious reasons)
Later included on Jól án landamæra 2015 – see link below


reggí Released later on Renaissance proekt – extended – see below




ruslakisa (This is probably originally a Swedish or French folk song, musicologues feel free to correct if needed – the Icelanders sing it around christmas, the poem deals with a hare escaping a hunter, and finding itself on the doorstep of Mr Santa Claus, pleading for his mercy. gímaldin´s version is about derelict cats saved from garbage bins)


Sú langa með hárið (Re-de-evolved for Midi próektíf – see link)


Trönuber (This is the first version of a song that would appear on Herdeildin´s Skipið siglir, in a salsa version)


Ulrika Erikson (Redone for Þú ert ekki sá sem ég valdi)


W-einkatilbeiðsla (Einkavæðsla in a different key)






z-Carroll (B. Dylan remix)

Remakes featured on:




In 1991-1992 I played guitar for this rural progressive funk band. We competed in the annual Music Contest as held by the Fjölbrautaskólinn á Akranes, and were rewarded some studio hours. At the time Axel Einarsson operated a studio on Leifsgata and we recorded two tunes.

valen (The bassist, Sigurdór Guðmundsson, and primo drummer, Óskar Viekkó, composed the song and Alexandra came up with the melody and lyrics)


Sindbad the cowboy (I wrote most of the parts for this one as well as the lyrics, the arrangement was done by the band)


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