Um gímaldin

gímaldin is an independent musician with ties to the underground icelandic-folk community. He is modest and writes his artist name with small-g, his modesty stops at that point.

gímaldin´s first official release was the “gímaldin 1997” cassette. The next solo effort was the quasi-official cd “Trendaðir mússikkfangar” which was released in 2002. mostly working solo, gímaldin has entered into the various collaborations:

5ta herdeildin, an icelandic punk-folk-slash-activist group, which was operational from 2001 to 2006, releasing three albums. See:

Scores for poetry, see here:ðouttakes/





2014 Köttur á heitri steypu

2014 Dýr merkurinnar

For various collaborations and productions, visit:

For whole albums and ep´s, go to: gímaldin on Bandcamp
and for single songs and experiments, check out:
gímaldin on Soundcloud

Currently working on the second Renaissance project, the totally un-off-icial followup to:

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