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Some unofficial stuff:
Ballad of the non-smoking Bartender

Old version:

Við rífumst


Gunga og drusla


Þú þarft ekki


Trúðurinn og Amazonkonan


General Bio on Herdeildin

 It was formed in 2001 as a quartet, 2 guitars, bass and drums – but the second guitar and drummer never showed up and herdeildin played as a duo for awhile:

karen – Waylon Jennings version – Old Five and Dimer stayed with gímaldin since he heard Dylan´s version from The Hearts of Fire. Of course it was impossible to cover Dylan covering Jennings and a new lyric had to be written.


thad_er_gott_ad_elska_Bubba_remix– Performed live on the State Broadcast Channel 2, probably 2001


trúðurinn og amazon konan – The first trio setup – Þórdis Claessen played percussion, on this occasion playing the djembe alongside a Alesis keyboard. From a concert in Nýlistasafnið in 2001.


lifi_framsokn_5ta_herdeildin_2001 The second trio setup, Sonja Lind adds the third vocal. From a concert in Dillon, 2002


örflöguvændisvefur – the same


11 september – The large (though not the largest) version of herdeildin as a rock unit. Gestur Guðnason plays the second guitar, Hermann plays the drums and Þórdís Claessen plays the percussion. This is from a session for the State Broadcasting Channel nr 2, we probably don´t have the right to post this, but, Yuck the State. Georg made the recording.


saga af karli og konu – the same


Hjördísarvísur – The fourpiece playing in Moscow, 2005


Illt er að lenda í ljónum, the same


gunga og drusla the same. This is by the way, probably the only prog song the herdeildin ever did.


styttufall – the same


einkavæðslublús – the same


Undir Starkaðssteini – herdeildin´s first trio setup revisited for a couple of gigs in St Petersburg, 2005


styttufall – the same


5ta herdeildin short and very truthful bio:

Public knowledge

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For Adur outgefid efni (second cd, released in 2004)